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Its been a busy year for us at cs, looking for new and exciting artists we would lijke to introduce you to.



James ‘Jwashington’ 






James Washington aka Jwashington has always harbored a love for dance music, but it wasn’t until the late 90’s after hearing a live set from Steve Lawler that he uncovered his passion for deep dark and electronic house. It was at this point that an inspired James immersed himself in the electronic scene, building his knowledge, enthusiasm and extensive collection of vinyl. 

In 2001 James made the logical transition from electronic music enthusiast and avid collector to producer. After cultivating his production skills James made his first releases, for which he has gained notable success. His tracks ‘In the Nite Klub’  and ‘a peak time groover’ (featuring heavily on Resident Advisors DJ charts), has gained the support of many well known house and electronic DJ’s, helping to thrust Jwashington into the scene as one to watch. 


 James Washington  

The Dollium ep

The second EP from ‘new kid on the block’ J’washington features three beautifully crafted tracks which draw upon his love of electronic music; resulting in a delectably deep and dark offering of Techno and house music.

The title track 01-Dollium is an alluring entanglement of intricate percussive scores and rich bass undertones bound with floating synth and string; culminating in an idyllic laid back, chilled out groove. The track, almost entrancing with its percussive magnetism offers a minimally enticing experience; the spaciously constructed track is layered with deep pads, and synths providing a moving deep house groove. 
02 -Down below is a moody and dark electronic encounter. Offering pounding bass and rippling synth, J'washington provides an electronic edginess as the track opens up into an undercurrent of low synths and pads intertwined with hits and glitches - providing Washington’s signature electronic percussive order. The track is rounded with a kick and low tom groove and topped with dark vocals.

03 -Landcrafting is a simplistically stylish track. As the track ‘takes off’ the melancholy synth provides a warm ambience, broken only by the gritty and inventive electronic score. As you move through the track the hitting bass and trouncing kick provide a moving groove embellished expertly with varying synth lines. The deep groove is held through the track by the unrelenting synth tone and adorning pads.

Jwashinton has succeeded in constructing a deep and edgy electronic sanctuary in Dollium, with inspiration taken from all aspects of the electronic spectrum be sure to check it out now on csGASRecords.




Basic Guy: Perfection in Chaos.


The second release from the emerging electronic artist Basic Guy sees an intricately dark yet enthralling instalment of electronic originality. The name encapsulates the feel of the EP as Basic Guy provides listeners with a dark yet perplexing instalment of ordered techno chaos. 

The title track perfection in chaos expertly weaves alluring synths with a deep low end; the perfectly random percussion adorns the track providing movement, whilst the captivatingly distinctive melodic thread contours the track offering a fresh edginess. 

Dark Chambers (csGAS) offers a hauntingly extravagant remix of the title track. Chambers’ has amalgamated his usual deep, dark and edgy sound with the originality and uniqueness offered by Basic Guy, proving a poignant compliment to the original. 

The third track on the EP  “Noun Eyes” demonstrates the innovative nature of Basic Guy as he strives to push electronic boundaries with an inventive mix of synth and pounding bass. His energy resonates through the track as his unique mash up of layered pads, glitches and synth provides an electronic feast of techno indulgence.  

Perfection in chaos showcases Basic Guys ability to create a distinctively creative Techno sound. His melodic entanglement and low end groove provides listeners with an innovatively classic take on Techno which is guaranteed to move. 





Date item posted: 2012-04-15


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