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Patric Mclean (aka) Dark Chambers writes for Mute-blog

http://mute-blog.net Bringing you tech talk.....

Here is the 1st draft and then the link below has the website where you will find the others hosted

So here it is 1st draft.

Forward thinking electronic music online magazine….

Producer / Engineering tips from one of the industries veteran Engineers…

Patric Mclean

Pat Photo

Having being around in some form or fashion for over 2 decades Patric McLean has been producing music of all genre’s and all styles, Homing in on what is now a very distinctive sound. “It seems that this man’s got skills”


I always like to keep my music thick! That’s the key to a really heavy sound; I find developing your kicks essential and tend not to move into the track until this task is complete.

Using compression EQ, and some other tricks that i cheekily hide up my sleeve, I always find using an audio kick (single and laid out on a mono track) a great way, The way I look at things is if I was sitting at my drum kit I would play one kick one snare one tom one ride etc etc so I break my drums up separately giving my rhythm section a nice tight end groove.

Ok so a tip of mine: push snares tight to the kick and walk you hats along the tracks overhead, try make them precise this keeps the flow strong within and leaves plenty of room for processing, “try keeping your hats slightly off beat to” I find this keeps the flow more natural and the feel less mechanical. Squeeze the juicy bit out of the bottom end of the kick with your compressor a slight attack makes the kick hold before the release of energy so get the shaping right to get the sound you’re looking for, “I find it helps to put just a small compressor in the signal chain whilst eq’ing your low mid’s quite high to take out all the wobble noise and non distortion.

My bass lines are generated pretty much from toms transposed down an octave or two and compressed tight! I love doing this and then running them through Native instruments Kontakt as a scale C2C that way I can play it as an instrument and tune it to the track at hand, roll it with the groove and smash it….

That’s what I call THIK Yawl…!

More to come in my next blog where I get down and dirty with bass!!!

Patric Mclean

Producer/Dj/Sound designer@csGASRecords


Date item posted: 2013-02-17


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